Hooray! Space Warps is live, and the spotters are turning up in numbers. Check out the site at spacewarps.org – there’s a few little bugs that Anu, Surhud  and the dev team are ironing out, but basically it’s looking pretty good! Thanks very much to everyone who’s helped out in the last few months – your feedback has been very useful indeed in designing a really nice, easy to use website that hopefully will enable many new discoveries. And to all of you who are new to Space Warps – welcome!

If you’re feeling really keen, why don’t you come and hang out in the discussion forum at talk.spacewarps.org? We’re starting to tag images to help organise them, and the more interesting conversations we have there, the more useful it will be for the newer volunteers. And of course, you can vote on the candidates spotted by other people, by making your own collection. Come and take part in the Space Warps collaboration!

PS. Aprajita and I will be making a special guest appearance on the regular Galaxy Zoo Hangout tomorrow – tune in for more slightly distorted spacetime chat!



One response to “Engage!”

  1. Brooke Simmons says :

    Reblogged this on Galaxy Zoo and commented:
    Meet our new sibling project: Space Warps, where you can help find rare and spectacular gravitational lenses. Many citizen scientists took part in building this project, and it’s already proved very popular just in its first day! But the science team still needs your help.

    Project leads Phil Marshall and Aprajita Verma will be joining us tomorrow on our live Hangout to talk in more detail about gravitational lenses and what they want to achieve with the Space Warps project. Please join us, and have a look at spacewarps.org in the meantime!

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